Designed for Privacy,
Built for Success

Office meeting pod: Crafting spaces where ideas flow and productivity grows.

Designed for Privacy,
Built for Success

Office meeting pod: Crafting spaces where ideas flow and productivity grows.

We are not only an office furniture manufactuer, but also a designer.

we believe every piece of furniture should feel like it’s yours and yours alone. It’s all about you feeling good at work. Happy workers, better output – it’s that simple.

About Comine Space

At COMINE, we blend style with functionality for the ultimate office experience.

Comine’s signature offerings – the office pod and ergonomic chair – are more than products, they’re a testament to innovation. Our designs are unique, patented, and created with an eye for excellence. We’re not just selling office furniture, we’re extending a partnership.

Office Pod Series

Where Privacy Meets Innovation

Designed for the modern professional, Comine’s office pods offer a secluded haven for focused work, ensuring privacy without compromising on design aesthetics.

Ergomonic Chair

Chairs That Understand You

Tailored for your well-being, these office chairs are engineered to adapt to your body, providing the ultimate support and flexibility. 

Comine office pod - SpaceTank Series

Unbeatable quality defines our range of phone booths and modular meeting pods, designed with the modern workplace in mind. 

Spacetank S

Comine’s smallest office pod, Spacetank S, makes your work area much better. It creates a quiet spot in a noisy office, helping you use your space well.

Spacetank M

Spacetank M is a trendy meeting area that blends focused workspaces with more laid-back spots, offering the best of both worlds.

Spacetank L

Spacetank L is your go-to for bigger ideas. It comfortably hosts four to eight people, making it perfect for creative brainstorming or extended meetings where team harmony is key.

Ergonomic Chair

Comine aims to make life better with creative furniture. Our ergonomic office chairs keep you comfy and supported, even when you work for hours. This helps you do more and be more creative without limits.

Key Series

Comine’s classic ergonomic office chair has a mesh back that lets air through, adjustable support for your lower back, and more. 

Sail Series

This Comine’s chair is made to support your neck, upper back, and lower back. It helps reduce back pain and pressure. It’s a great choice for your health and comfort.

Innovation, and sustainability.

Comine office furniture fits any workspace well. It has a fresh and new design and matches exactly what each user needs.

At Comine, we’re passionate about protecting the environment, which is why we create office furniture with a vision for sustainability. Our designs come to life using eco-friendly materials that can either be recycled or are sourced from recycled goods. We’re committed to a future where furniture not only looks good and works well but also benefits our planet.

What Our Customers Said

Comine space booths are a great new part of our open office. The team did a great job, and setting them up was easy. The booths are well-made and designed with care. The Co-space 2 booths are perfect for meetings with just two people or for small group work. They're also the best deal you can find. Highly recommend them!

Adelynn Diaz

I've had an amazing experience with COMINESPACE. Their products are of excellent quality and the customer service team was very helpful in answering all my questions. I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase!

Daniel Peterson

Comine Space pods have done better than everyone thought in open offices. People who didn't like the idea at first now love it. They use the pods all the time for phone calls or quiet talks with coworkers. Plus, the pods have become popular as stylish room dividers in our office.

Ethan Morales

I recently bought 4 office pods from the website and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The quality is amazing and it has enhanced the look of my space. Thank you, Comine!

Kaia Murphy

We often find ourselves in need of new office spaces swiftly. Opting for a creative solution over the costly and slow process of rerouting ventilation, we explored the potential of movable meeting pods. Comine Space pods have been a game-changer, impressively equipped with their own ventilation system and excellent soundproofing. 

Justin Turner

Coworking Furniture

Step into the world of Comine Furniture and experience the difference in your work environment. Welcome to the place where your office furniture isn’t just made—it’s crafted for your success.

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