Welcome to COMINE SPACE – where individual comfort meets collaborative efficiency in office furniture design.

Our Story

At COMINE, we believe that a comfortable and healthy office isn’t just a backdrop, it’s a catalyst for innovation and efficiency. Founded in 2019 by Maron, a visionary with 15 years of experience in office furniture design, our journey began with a simple idea: design office spaces where the individual and collective work harmoniously. Maron, alongside co-founder Daniel, a savvy marketing guru, brought COMINE to life, fusing the essence of coworking with a personal touch.

The name COMINE

Think of it as your workspace but with a personal touch, like coworking meets ‘this is my space.’ We’re big believers in making each piece of furniture feel like it’s made just for you. Imagine a chair that seems to say, ‘Hey, relax, I’ve got your back.’ That’s our goal. It’s not just about making one person comfortable, though. It’s like a team sport – everyone needs to click together. That’s the whole idea behind COMINE. It’s not just furniture; it’s about creating a vibe where everyone works better, together.

Original Design

Exclusive design furniture that sets you apart.

Patent protection

Intellectual property security with appearance patents.


All of Comine’s products are certified by SGS and UL for uncompromised quality.


We provide our partners with the most competitive market prices

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If you’re intrigued by the harmony of aesthetics and ergonomics, we invite you to partner with us.

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