Comine Office Booth

Create a private haven for uninterrupted work

The Comine Booth provides a soundproof sanctuary where you can focus, take calls, and hold meetings without interruptions. Enhance your work experience with style and efficiency.

The Comine Booth Difference

Select Comine Booth to enjoy a soundproof, sustainable workspace that's quick to set up and enhances focus.

Silent Ventilation

A state-of-the-art silent ventilation system ensures you stay comfortable and focused, with air being refreshed in under a minute for optimal air quality.

32 dB soundproofing

Certified by SGS. Our specially designed soundproof glass doors and walls create a serene environment, perfect for working without interruptions.

Easy Installation

With a modular design, Comine's single-person booths can be assembled in under an hour by two people, and our larger four-person booths in just two hours.


As a direct factory producer, we offer unbeatable prices on our office pods. Our pods cost less than one-third of most European brands.

Comine Booth One

Comine Booth Two

Comine Booth Four

Comine Booth Six

Purpose-Built Design for Better Work

We’ve created soundproof office pods and modular setups that offer companies an affordable, sustainable, and flexible alternative to fixed construction and traditional office design.

Comine 2024 New Pod

High-Quality Standards

Comine uses premium materials like 1.2mm steel plates, 4mm+4mm explosion-proof laminated glass, and 12mm polyester sound-absorbing panels.

Each component is meticulously chosen to ensure durability, safety, and comfort, making our office pods a superior choice for any workspace.

Comine privacy booth

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design

70% of the materials used in our acoustic pods, including steel, aluminum, and solid wood, can be recycled. This commitment to environmental friendliness ensures that our pods not only enhance your workspace but also contribute to a greener planet.

Optimized and Efficient Office Pod Space

Designed with a minimalist style and meticulous attention to detail, Comine pods aim to create a high-quality, efficient workspace tailored just for you. Experience an office environment that puts you at the center, enhancing both productivity and comfort.

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