Office Phone Booth For Everyone Loves

Our office phone booth works well when you need to get away from office noise and distractions. It gives you privacy and keeps things quiet for others.

Comine office phone booth with sleek modern design
The details of Comine soundproof phone booth

Aluminum frame for durable

12mm Acoustic Panel

Pre-set furniture options

Double layer soundproof glass

60mm Soundproof wall panel

The details of Comine soundproof phone booth
Main Materials
  • Aluminum frame for durability;
  • 60mm Soundproof wall panel;
  • Double-layer soundproof glass;
  • Pre-set furniture options;
  • 12mm Acoustic Panel.


Spacetank S is a quiet scantuary to work, take a phone call, or simply to collect your thoughts.

In today’s open offices, co-working spaces, busy schools, and large public areas, fewer walls mean more collaboration. Yet, maintaining privacy can be challenging. The Spacetank Phone Booth offers the perfect solution, providing a serene sanctuary for focused work, important phone calls, or peaceful reflection.

Standard basic options

Additional equipment

Comine phone booth with motion sensor lighting
Comine office pod for 1 people with ergonomic seating
Comine spacetank phone booth with flame-retardant carpet
Comine phone booth with dimmable LED lighting
Quality Engineering

Comine Spacetank S, crafted with long-lasting, eco-friendly materials, is designed to endure, promising a future where durability and sustainability go hand in hand.


Exterior size:D1000 x W1080 x H2326mm

Interior size:D960 x W942 x H2146mm

Weight: 276 KG


Main framework: Aluminum

Main wall panel: 45mm thick, made of steel plate &solid wood

Soundproof glass: 5+5mm double-layer laminated glass

Acoustic Panel: Polyester cotton, flame retardant treatments

Carpet: Man-made fibers, moisture resistance, mold prevention


Fresh Air System: Turbofan with adjustable air speed

Power: 110V-220V, 50-60HZ

Integrated Socket: Max 220v 10A, Socket * 2, USB-A * 1, USB-C * 1

Motion sensor: 24V(Induction angle120°). Integrated socket: 220V/10A

Exterior Colors
Interior Colors:

Every Comine soundproof pod comes with a year-long quality promise, ensuring that any parts that get damaged will be replaced for free, offering you peace of mind and unmatched support.

Questions and answers
How long does it take to install the Comine Pods?

Comine’s office booths are designed for easy and quick setup. Depending on their size, setting them up can take from 1 to 3 hours.

For a 1 person pod, it takes 1-2 hours.

A 2 person pod takes 1.5-2.5 hours.

And a 4 person pod can be set up in 2-3 hours.

How does shipping work for Cominespace?

We understand how important quick production and delivery are. That’s why we get your order ready in just 15 working days, and shipping from our factory to your place takes only 30-45 business days after you order.

For shipping, we use a professional third-party service. When your order is ready to go, our Cominespace team will send you a message to arrange the delivery.

Can you disassemble the office meeting pods?

Absolutely! Our booths are created with flexibility in mind, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. Plus, we provide a set of universal wheels, enabling you to effortlessly move fully assembled booths wherever you need them. This feature adds an incredible level of convenience and adaptability to your workspace. For further details or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at We’re here to help make your space work for you!

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