Office Meeing Pod for 4-6 People

Enhance teamwork and communication in a quiet, comfortable meeting pod that accommodates up to six people effortlessly.

Aluminum frame for durable

12mm Acoustic Panel

Optional Furniture

Double layer soundproof glass

60mm Soundproof wall panel

Main Materials
  • Aluminum frame for durability;
  • 60mm Soundproof wall panel;
  • Double-layer soundproof glass;
  • Pre-set furniture options;
  • 12mm Acoustic Panel.

Comine - Spacetank L

A meeting booth that boosts teamwork, creativity, and productivity

Experience seamless collaboration with a dedicated office meeting pod, ensuring your team always has the perfect space without the hassle of finding additional rooms.

Standard basic options

Additional equipment

Quality Engineering

Comine Spacetank L, crafted with long-lasting, eco-friendly materials, is designed to endure, promising a future where durability and sustainability go hand in hand.


Exterior size: D1785 x W2300 x H2326mm

Interior size: D1745 x W2162 x H2146mm

Weight: 606 KG


Main framework: Aluminum

Main wall panel: 45mm thick, made of steel plate &solid wood

Soundproof glass: 5+5mm double-layer laminated glass

Acoustic Panel: Polyester cotton, flame retardant treatments

Carpet: Man-made fibers, moisture resistance, mold prevention


Fresh Air System: Turbofan with adjustable air speed

Power: 110V-220V, 50-60HZ

Integrated Socket: Max 220v 10A, Socket * 2, USB-A * 1, USB-C * 1

Motion sensor: 24V(Induction angle120°). Integrated socket: 220V/10A

Exterior colors
Interior colors:

Every Comine soundproof pod comes with a year-long quality promise, ensuring that any parts that get damaged will be replaced for free, offering you peace of mind and unmatched support.

Questions and answers
Do you offer sprinklers for the pods?

Most of our customers don’t add sprinkler systems to their booths. However, we can custom cut any space needed for your sprinkler size if you give us the details. We don’t supply or put in sprinklers ourselves.

Rules about sprinklers can change depending on where you are. Some inspectors say office booths don’t need sprinklers because they’re small enough to be covered by one sprinkler, don’t catch fire easily, and are seen as movable furniture, not part of the building.

How high are Comine Pods? Will they fit in my office?

Your ceiling needs to be at least 235 cm high for Comine pods. You can put the pod next to something else, in a corner, or near a wall.

If your ceiling is lower than 235 cm, email us at to customize the pod for your office.

What about the fire safety on Comine pods?

Comine pods don’t use any materials that can catch fire easily. The materials’ fire safety is checked and meets both national and international rules. 

Mineral wool is in the A2-s1 fire class. 

The carpets inside are in the B1-s1 fire class;

Echo-free panels also meet the B-s1 fire class. 

The glass we use is special too; it can block heat and fire.

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