Comine Booth Four

With its flexible design and high-quality materials, the Comine Booth Four creates a productive environment where ideas can flow freely and teamwork thrives.





The Comine Booth Six offers a spacious, soundproof environment for 4-6 people, making it ideal for larger group meetings, team collaborations, or video conferences. Its innovative design ensures comfort and privacy, while its mobility allows you to adapt your workspace as needed.

Silent Fans

Refreshing air inside the pod in under a minute for continuous fresh air without noise.

LED Light

DC 12V, 10W, 5000K anti-glare inductive LED light provides bright, natural lighting.

Acoustic panel

12mm thick polyester sound-absorbing panels offer top-tier acoustics with an RT of 0.75 s (+0.1 s).

Glass door

Soundproof glass door features 4mm+4mm explosion-proof laminated glass.

Wall Panel

Multi-layer soundproof wall panels made from steel plates, soundproof felt, egg-crate foam, and fire-resistant glass wool.


Antibacterial, mold-resistant, fire-resistant carpet that is easy to clean and maintain.

Ergonomic table

25mm thick multi-layer wooden desk designed for productivity and durability, offering sturdy and stylish support for work needs.

Smart socket

All-in-one touch control panel allows easy adjustment of fan speed and light brightness, with access to USB, TYPE-C, and power outlets.

Comfortable sofa

Optional ergonomic sofa designed for ultimate comfort, with customizable color options to match any interior.

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