Comine Sail 003

Embrace a better way of sitting with Comine—where comfort meets durability and design enhances your lifestyle.


Brand: Comine

Perfect For: Office, Home, School

Certifications: Certified by BIFMA and SGS GB


  • Versatile height adjustment to accommodate users from 1.5 to 1.8 meters, ensuring comfort for all.
  • Smartly designed concealed footrest, enhancing your office experience with hidden comforts.
  • Fully adjustable 3D Armrests to suit your personal comfort and needs.


  • Committed to sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials.
  • Innovative fire-resistant cotton that’s not only safe but also adhesive-free and washable for easy care.

Additional Benefits:

  • Ergonomically crafted for ultimate comfort and support.
  • Equipped with breathable mesh fabric to keep you cool.
  • Robust construction promises enduring durability and value.
  • Simple assembly with easy adjustments.
  • Includes a two-year warranty.

Additional information

Frame color

Black, White

Fabric color

Black, Blue, Dark green, Gray, Light green


  • Chair Height: 1100mm-1150mm
  • Chair Depth: 640mm-690mm
  • Chair Width: 630mm-670mm
  • Seat Height: 455mm-530mm
  • Seat Depth:440mm-490mm
  • Seat Width:500mm

Seat fabric:  Breathable and elastic fabric, providing a comfortable sitting experience.

Seat Cushion: High-density molded foam (glue-free, staple-free, and washable) with a density of no less than 58KG/m³.

PP Inner Plate: Made of PP material for cushioning and to prevent pressure on the buttocks muscles.

Seat Base Shell:  Made of PA+25%GF material with more breathable holes and a multi-functional control handle for an integrated and user-friendly design.

Footrest: Adjustable length of about 400mm to accommodate different user heights.

Slides: Built-in slide design for easy operation and a clean appearance that meets modern aesthetics.

Base: 3-position lockable, 135° large-angle metal mechanical base that meets SGS&BFMA international standard testing requirements.

Multi-functional Seat Frame

  • Made of PA+GF25% material.
  • High-density molded foam without glue, washable, and meets US TA117 and EU Reach & RoHS standards.
  • Integrated slide with 50mm front-to-back adjustment.

Hidden Footrest

  • Sponge-covered fabric footrest.
  • 2-section hidden retractable footrest for a simple and elegant appearance and convenient use.

Hidden Footrest

  • Sponge-covered fabric footrest.
  • 2-section hidden retractable footrest for a simple and elegant appearance and convenient use.

3D Angle Headrest

Adjustable headrest for height and angle. 30cm wide headrest provides support for the head and reduces neck pressure.

3D Armrests

Wide armrest surface for stable support. 3D adjustable armrests for height, left-right, and front-back adjustment.


55mm PU silent casters. Passed 100,000 rotation tests for smooth rolling and no damage to the floor.

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