Comfort and Focus
All in One Pod

Experience a serene office pod that enhances your focus and efficiency, providing the perfect quiet space for a productivity boost.

Comfort and Focus All in One Pod

Experience a serene office pod that enhances your focus and efficiency, providing the perfect quiet space for a productivity boost.

The Comine Spacetank Office Pod Difference

Comine‘s office pod sets the gold standard for sustainability, comfort, and durability, leading the way with a friendly and innovative design.

Spacetank S - Phone Pod

Enjoy your work, make calls, or simply relax in your own peaceful acoustic pod.

Spacetank M - Work Pods

Host your important meetings and confidential talks with ease in our privacy pod.

Spacetank L - Meeting Pod

Collaborate as a team and spark creativity with productive brainstorming sessions.

32 DB Sound Insulation

Experience great privacy with our 32-decibel soundproof pod, certified by SGS. Ideal for private calls, and team meetings, it ensures a quiet environment for all.

Effortless Installation

The prefab office pod can be installed in just 1 hour with 2 people. Includes a clear, step-by-step manual for your convenience.

Silent Ventilation

You will enjoy peace and fresh air with our silent air system, which cycles the entire air volume in under one minute in our privacy pods for offices.

High Quality Materials

We use steel frame, multi-layer sound insulation wall panels, explosion-proof laminated glass, and high-quality polyester acoustic panels for unmatched safety and comfort.

Office Phone Booths

We create a modular, acoustic, private working space.

Our design and manufacturing strengths allow us to offer highly competitive prices on our office pods for sale. Partner with us to boost your profits and create win-win solutions.

Our purpose-built office pods are designed to easily adapt to your workspace. Unlike traditional construction, they can be effortlessly moved within your office or to a completely new location, offering unmatched flexibility.

At Comine, our soundproof pods feature eco-friendly steel frames and recyclable wall panels, ensuring a low carbon footprint. We use 0 formaldehyde materials, creating a healthier indoor environment for everyone.

Employee use the Comine privacy booth to make a phone call
Two office phone booth of Comine setting in a open office

Some of the world's top companies find their happy place in Comine booths.

"Comine office pods are a great addition to our open office."

Devin Mack | SpaceMeld Studios

"I use these booths every day for conference calls and quiet places to work."

Kelsey Simmons | Huddle Horizon

"Our team uses them a lot for talking to clients and having team meetings."

Chance Fuller | BlendBarn

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Upgrade your office space with Comine office pods, designed for ultimate comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.

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Questions and answers
Is a Comine office pod soundproof?

Yes! Our office pods are great at blocking noise. We use special door frames and materials to keep sound out. Tests show our Comine Pods block 31 decibels of sound, the best in the business.

Can I customize Comine Pods?

Yes, you can change the office pod’s size and pick colors for inside and outside. You can even add your own door designs and logos. We have many colors to match your style. Some custom requests might take longer. Email us at info@cominespace for more details on customizing.

Are Comine pods ventilated?

Our office pods feature an innovative, quiet ventilation system we created ourselves. This system refreshes the air every 3 minutes, ensuring always fresh and clean air. Inside Comine Pods, you can genuinely experience the refreshing breeze, enhancing your work environment with every breath.

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